Fuse Introduces ROE Visual Black Marble 4

ROE Visual Black Marble 4 LED Floor

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Fuse Technical group is proud to announce that we now carry the ROE Visual Black Marble 4 LED Floor tiles, in our ever growing inventory.  The BM4 is the award winning floor tile that has set a new standard for LED Floors. Built to an IP65 standard this floor is great for any type of production.


ROE Visual Black Marble 4



Pixel Pitch: 4.76mm

Pixel Density: 44,058 px/sqm

Max. Brightness: Glass: 1200 nits (Nationstar 1921)

Viewing Angle: 140°

Tile Dimension (W x H x D): Glass: 609.6mmX609.6mmX138mm 24”X24”X5.4”

Tile Weight: Glass: 22kg/48.5lbs


Continuing ROE’s trend in innovative systems, the BM4 floor features a quick connect sub floor with easy leveling and optional built in fans for increased air flow,a smooth glass face for a appealing surface with the panel on of off, and magnetic modules for easy maintenance. Adding an LED floor to your productions increases your video and lighting options exponentially. The high contrast ratio on the Black Marble LED floor allows for well balanced contrast and uniformity.  Look for this floor on one of your favorite daily game shows, and contact us to hear more about the technical and creative ways that Fuse has been using the ROE Visual BM4.

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Fuse is now in San Francisco

Fuse is happy to announce the opening of our fifth location servicing all your event production needs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.  The Hayward shop is the base for events we produce at the Moscone Center, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, on-campus corporate events, and other Bay Area event spaces.  


Fuse San Francisco is led by industry vets, George Duran, Alfredo Aquino, and Gabe Nahshon.  Having been around the block a few times they’ll be able to help you solve any production challenges you may have.  


Fuse is a leading A/V staging technology company providing solutions for the live event and installation market.  We are one of the largest providers of LED in the industry from floors to walls, indoor and out, and transparent to high resolution, we can create the environment you need for your event.  Industry-leading fly packs will transmit your video to a myriad of screens all making your event look spectacular. Our top talent ensures that your show will be as vivid in person as it is in your head.  


Do not hesitate to reach out to Fuse to find out about the past shows we’ve done in San Francisco and the rest of the country.  


Other Fuse Locations


Las Vegas

Los Angeles

New Jersey


Fuse adds Roe Vanish 18 to it’s family of Roe LED

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ROE Visual Vanish 18


The hottest new product on the market is semi-transparent LED.  Up until recently the best resolution available for semi-transparent rigid LED panels was 25mm.  ROE Visual has just released an 18mm semi-transparent product, the new ROE Visual Vanish 18. Offering 50% transparency, these 1200x1200mm panels are easy to move and stack. The ROE Visual Vanish 18 features a fast lock system with robust dollies.  These panels are almost twice the width of Carbon series panels, Making the Vanish 18 a very cost effective product as you get a much better price per square inch. These panels are IP65 outdoor rated and perfect for upcoming events indoor or out. With a redundant power system, the Vanish 18 is able to offer maximum daytime LED brightness.  Fuse is ready to help your next event look amazing with the new ROE Visual Vanish 18 and any other needs your production may need.  Contact us to get a quote on your next gig. 


Roe Visual Vanish 18 Specifications


  • Pixel Pitch: 18.75 mm


  • Pixel Density: 2,844/sqm


  • Max. Brightness (CD/m2): 5,000 nits (Nationstar 1921)


  • Panel Dimensions (WxHxD): 1200mm x 1200mm x 95m


  • Panel Weight: 21.2 kg


These panels have recently come off the latest Lil’ Wayne tour and left a semi-lasting impressing 😉 The lock and dolly on the Vanish 18 allowed us to roll the carts on stage and use the dolly as our base, stacking two high with no additional support.   As you can see in the video below, the band is seen when there are no images on the screen and disappears to the eye when video is on the tiles.



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ROE Visual Air Frame

Fuse Adds the ROE Visual Air Frame to Inventory

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Roe Air Frame

Always a leader in technological advancements, Fuse is proud to be one of the only production companies in North America to carry the revolutionary Air Frame from ROE Visual. We are thrilled to increase the ROE Visual product line that we carry.  

The Air Frame is 65% lighter than the standard ROE Visual Touring Frame, allowing self-supporting walls up to 74’ (24m) high when hung, and 16 feet high when ground supported.  ROE Visual was able to reduce the weight by building these frames with aluminum and true carbon fiber. These materials are optimal for durability and weight. The compact size allows the Air Frames to travel in carts attached to the LED Panels allowing easy configuration on site.  Its tool-less setup allows rapid deployment, as well as minimal labor and load-in time. Once hung the frames are structured for easy access to replace modules from the front and rear. Reach out for more Air Frame specifications or any other event production needs.


  • Multiple Products One Frame No Tools
    • The ROE Air Frame is compatible with the CB3 and CB5 series tile, and is specifically engineered to be a tool less design. Install and strike is incredibly efficient as it’s just a snap here and a unlock there and it is down.  
  • Optional Wind Bracing
    • The tool-less design of the ROE Air Frame allows the optional wind bracing arm to be removed with minimal effort, while remaining structurally sound while attached.  
  • Optimized Space Utilization
    • The ROE Air Frame comes with a specially designed dolly that fits truck containers to save on transportation costs. The dollies are easy to move and can be stacked to save on transport.
  • Easy Panel Access and Protection
    • The ROE Air Frame allows for convenient front and back replacement of panels from a completed wall. Bottom edge pixel protection design helps maintain panel integrity during installation and transport
  • Weight
    • Only weighs 12.2 pounds (5.53 KG) before adding tiles




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