Boston Scientific

     Fuse staged, directed, designed, and developed a cinematic, omni max experience for Sparks and Boston Scientific. The experience involved a giant fabric dome in which a portion of the inside was covered with multiple projection stacks to create the omni max canvas.

     The 13 minute presentation took you through a journey of Boston Scientific’s aortic stent product portfolio, and included CG animations of custom star constellations, asteroid fields, and planetary objects. Fuse also composed and designed a custom music and sound score that complimented the visual journey in true cinematic form.


     For the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show, Fuse teamed up with The Taylor Group in delivering an engaging end user experience for Intel. The booth included multiple areas of user interaction, creating an enjoyable and memorable environment for electronic enthusiasts.

     The booth featured several large sculptures showcasing a range of user interaction.  Fuse combined musical interaction, live facial capture and live projection mapping with Intel’s fundamental innovation in technology to create an immersive and informative experience.


Fuse teamed up with v2r Productions for Lithium’s 2015 and 2016 LiNC conferences to provide a complete video and content support staging package. Fuse was the video staging vendor, providing projection, LED, camera production, and on site labor, while also serving as a content pre-production supplier for all scenic digital media.

The media execution included the use of a media server system that allowed us to incorporate PPT and IMAG sources seamlessly, using non-traditional, non-rectangular, alpha channel honoring methodology of integration. The result was a “have you cake and east it too” option for the end client, where a seamless design did not need to give way to the familiarity and usability of PPT when it came time to inner speaker presentations.