Fuse adds Roe Vanish 18 to it’s family of Roe LED

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ROE Visual Vanish 18


The hottest new product on the market is semi-transparent LED.  Up until recently the best resolution available for semi-transparent rigid LED panels was 25mm.  ROE Visual has just released an 18mm semi-transparent product, the new ROE Visual Vanish 18. Offering 50% transparency, these 1200x1200mm panels are easy to move and stack. The ROE Visual Vanish 18 features a fast lock system with robust dollies.  These panels are almost twice the width of Carbon series panels, Making the Vanish 18 a very cost effective product as you get a much better price per square inch. These panels are IP65 outdoor rated and perfect for upcoming events indoor or out. With a redundant power system, the Vanish 18 is able to offer maximum daytime LED brightness.  Fuse is ready to help your next event look amazing with the new ROE Visual Vanish 18 and any other needs your production may need.  Contact us to get a quote on your next gig. 


Roe Visual Vanish 18 Specifications


  • Pixel Pitch: 18.75 mm


  • Pixel Density: 2,844/sqm


  • Max. Brightness (CD/m2): 5,000 nits (Nationstar 1921)


  • Panel Dimensions (WxHxD): 1200mm x 1200mm x 95m


  • Panel Weight: 21.2 kg


These panels have recently come off the latest Lil’ Wayne tour and left a semi-lasting impressing 😉 The lock and dolly on the Vanish 18 allowed us to roll the carts on stage and use the dolly as our base, stacking two high with no additional support.   As you can see in the video below, the band is seen when there are no images on the screen and disappears to the eye when video is on the tiles.



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