Fuse Introduces ROE Visual Black Marble 4

ROE Visual Black Marble 4 LED Floor

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Fuse Technical group is proud to announce that we now carry the ROE Visual Black Marble 4 LED Floor tiles, in our ever growing inventory.  The BM4 is the award winning floor tile that has set a new standard for LED Floors. Built to an IP65 standard this floor is great for any type of production.


ROE Visual Black Marble 4



Pixel Pitch: 4.76mm

Pixel Density: 44,058 px/sqm

Max. Brightness: Glass: 1200 nits (Nationstar 1921)

Viewing Angle: 140°

Tile Dimension (W x H x D): Glass: 609.6mmX609.6mmX138mm 24”X24”X5.4”

Tile Weight: Glass: 22kg/48.5lbs


Continuing ROE’s trend in innovative systems, the BM4 floor features a quick connect sub floor with easy leveling and optional built in fans for increased air flow,a smooth glass face for a appealing surface with the panel on of off, and magnetic modules for easy maintenance. Adding an LED floor to your productions increases your video and lighting options exponentially. The high contrast ratio on the Black Marble LED floor allows for well balanced contrast and uniformity.  Look for this floor on one of your favorite daily game shows, and contact us to hear more about the technical and creative ways that Fuse has been using the ROE Visual BM4.

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