2015 and 2016 LiNC Conferences

Services: A/V Services, Animation, Graphic Design, Media Server Playback, Motion Graphic Design, Multi-Display, Projection Mapping, Video Projection

Fuse teamed up with v2r Productions for Lithium’s 2015 and 2016 LiNC conferences to provide a complete video and content support staging package. Fuse was the video staging vendor, providing projection, LED, camera production, and on site labor, while also serving as a content pre-production supplier for all scenic digital media.

The media execution included the use of a media server system that allowed us to incorporate PPT and IMAG sources seamlessly, using non-traditional, non-rectangular, alpha channel honoring methodology of integration. The result was a “have you cake and east it too” option for the end client, where a seamless design did not need to give way to the familiarity and usability of PPT when it came time to inner speaker presentations.